KeepThrifty Experiment - March 2016 Challenge (Household Care) - Week 4 Results

KeepThrifty Experiment - March 2016 Challenge (Household Care) - Week 4 Results

The March challenge is over! Here’s the full set of update/results posts:

Week 4 of the March challenge is in the books - how’s your month going?

March week 4 results - $73.31 total

We are on the home stretch - the month is nearly over and we’re still looking pretty good. Right now, we’re at $73.31, which is under our expected amount of $87.10 (27 days / 31 days times $100).

Since last week, we’ve added $9.48 to our household care total for March:

  • Mascara

My wife has been significantly scaling back on makeup in the last year, letting her natural beauty show. I’m loving the fact that she’s not covering up her adorable freckles!

This week we had a funeral for a friend come up and so the mascara made sense and will last quite some time assuming our daughters don’t get into the makeup again :)

Based on our schedule this week, we delayed our normal grocery trip (which is where we commonly buy diapers, cleaning products, etc). I expect that the trip to the grocery store tomorrow will get us close to $100 for the month as I know we need more pull-ups for the kids, a couple rolls of toilet paper and 2 more mason jars for salad.

We’re looking good for the month - I’ll give the final total next Sunday/Monday and will plan to include updates on how well we’re sticking to the $100 a month target in future challenge posts.

How is your month looking?

Unexpected expenses are bound to come up, so it’s important to leave a little wiggle room and always remember that it is ok to spend on priorities even if that puts you a little over. Financial discipline is a tool to help you live in alignment with your priorities.

Are you keeping on-track? Find me on twitter and let me know how you’re doing!