May 2016 Challenge (Food) - Mid-month Update

May 2016 Challenge (Food) - Mid-month Update

The May challenge is over! Here’s the full set of update/results posts:

We’re just over halfway through the month of May and it’s time for an update on how we’re doing on this month’s challenge - tackling our total spending on food.

My goal for this month was $1270 total between the two categories with a rough idea of how I thought things would shake out:

  • Groceries: $1000 - $1070
  • Treats: $25 ($6 a week)
  • Eating Out: $175 - $245 (5 - 7 meals at $35 each)
  • Total: $1270

Where are we at so far?

From our expense tracking in Thrifty, here’s what we’ve got by category so far this month:

May mid-month eating out - $164.37 total

May mid-month grocery - $488.01 total

Looking at the detailed line-items in the analysis view in Thrifty, we can break down a bit further:

May mid-month eating out breakdown

May mid-month grocery breakdown

Knowing what we get from each place (and looking at the individual expenses as needed), here are the totals as compared to our original plan:

  • Groceries: $488.01 (vs expected $516 - $552)
  • Treats: $11.64 (vs expected $13)
  • Eating Out: $152.73 (vs expected $90 - $126)
    • Family: $135.80
    • Lunch at Work: $16.93
  • Total: $652.38 (expected $655)

I decided to break out “Lunch at Work” in “Eating Out” as it was a higher portion so far this month than what I would consider normal and is an area I know I can save money overall by avoiding altogether.

Lunch at our office is a last resort (if we don’t have anything viable for me to bring to work) and I don’t enjoy it as the food we cook at home :)

Overall, we’re pretty close to being on-track for the month - just a few dollars under our goal at just over the halfway point.

While that’s good news, we are under my estimate groceries (read: healthier and cheaper) and higher on eating out (read: less healthy and more expensive).

We’ll see if we’re able to bring these back to our original targets by the end of the month so we can have healthier food and a healthier wallet!

Stay tuned :)

How is your month looking?

Find me on twitter and let me know how you’re doing so far this month!