This week I wrote a guest post for the Mystery Money Man blog. The teaser for my post is below and you can find a link to the full post at the end. Enjoy!

Let’s imagine something, shall we? Imagine you’re in your backyard with family or friends. There are small children running around and everyone is enjoying a nice cold beverage. The sun is shining. All of a sudden, a hornet lands on your drink and starts crawling inside.

Frustrating, right?

Oh well, you can get another drink. Five minutes later, one of the kids starts screaming and crying about getting stung.

The entire mood of your party changes. Everyone’s a bit on edge and every time a hornet flies by, people start squirming.

You grab a flyswatter and do your best to take care of the hornets as they come but they are downright relentless. Eventually you miss one and it gets back at you with a nasty sting on the cheek.

At this point, you decide to move the party inside and the day is all but ruined.

The extreme metaphor continues in my post at the Mystery Money Man blog. And yes, I do actually talk about money and debt in it. You didn’t think I could do a whole post on hornets, did you? :)