If you’re looking for a blog about personal finance, spreadsheets, frugality, minimalism, faith, and living a purposeful life with intention, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Keep Thrifty!

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I’m Chris - a husband, proud father of 3, and complete personal finance nerd.

I’m on a mission to get our family 100% debt-free (including our mortgage) by 2020. I started this blog as a way to share what I’m learning along the way so you can replicate my successes and avoid my mistakes.

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We’re focused on three big goals and approaches at the moment:

Living Better with Less

We don’t get much enjoyment out of stuff, so we tend to focus on experiences instead (with a few exceptions). We’d describe ourselves as minimalists, mostly because we’ve found that life is a lot more fun when you don’t have the “mental tax” of too much stuff weighing you down.

In addition, keeping our possessions to a reasonable level gives us additional flexibility and keeps our money in our bank accounts instead of tied up in items in our closets.

We downsized to one car while living in the suburbs and even sold my wife’s engagement ring, not because we needed to - because we could free ourselves of one more possession and redirect that money to our current goals.

One radical method we’re using in 2017 is to commit to only buying used items (with a handful of exceptions). It’s a challenge but is helping us stretch our thriftiness!

Achieving 100% debt freedom by 2020

One of our biggest goals is free ourselves from as many financial burdens in life as we can. Step one is to achieve 100% debt freedom and we’ve set an ambitious goal of getting there by 2020.

As a single-income family of five, this isn’t always easy, but we are blessed to be free of student loans, auto loans, and any consumer debt.

All that’s left is our mortgage and we’re paying it down as fast as we can.

In addition, we’re trying to find other motivating milestones to shoot for including a fun one I came up with called Retirement Freedom

Traveling to all 50 states in the United States with our kids before they turn 18

Family time is number one and we’ve been building memories for the last few years through road tripping.

With 28 states already under our belt, we are on-track to get to all 50 by the time our oldest daughter is 10!

Every trip we take brings us closer as a family, builds memories we’ll carry for a lifetime, and challenges us as a family to grow and mature as we encounter new situations.

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I'm Chris

I'm on a mission to get our family debt-free (including our mortgage) by 2020.

We're getting there through frugality, minimalism, and a whole bunch of awesome spreadsheets.

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