Learning to Spend Without Fear

I spent $3,200 today. That’s not a typo - it was a spendy day. For a relatively thrifty guy, you’d think dropping this kind of money would cause heartburn or stress. Not now. Years ago, though? That’s a different story altogether.

Nothing New Year: Month 2 Update

We kicked off this year with a goal to buy nothing new. We’re now through our second month and it’s accountability time. Here’s a look at our finances for the month, our progress on the nothing new year goal, and how we’re doing on paying off our mortgage by 2020.

Guest Post: A Hot Cheeto Called Harambe

5 Ideas to Capitalize on a Craze Without Getting Your Fingers Dirty

Greetings my Thrifty compadres! This week we’ve got a guest post from my good friend Adam at Crispy Cabbage. Adam’s a man of many talents - digging deep into ideas, cracking his readers up, and making awesome drawings on college-ruled paper. Today he’s going to do all three for you with a fun post about how he’d capitalize on the success of a gorilla-shaped Cheeto that sold for $100,000.

My Favorite Personal Finance Resources

This week was a big milestone - I turned 35 last week Tuesday. As my birthday present to you all, I thought I could share the personal finance resources that have had the biggest impact on us in our financial journey. It’s a one-stop shop; I hope you find everything here as useful as we have!

How Much is Your Stuff Costing You?

How much stuff is in your house? Your garage? Or, heaven forbid, in a storage unit? It’s a common claim that we never use 80% of what we own. Beyond the nuisance of clutter, I’ve been wondering something recently - how much is all this stuff costing us?