Shred Your Debt with a Snowball or an Avalanche

If you’ve got a mountain of debt, there are two awesome ways to shred it - the Debt Snowball and the Debt Avalanche. Read on to learn how to choose which is right for you and what to do if you can only pay your minimums. If you’re already well-versed, check out the end of the post for an awesome spreadsheet to show how much better Debt Avalanche is.

I Used To Suck At Money Management

Today’s article is a special one folks - you’re getting an awesome article from the one and only Mrs. Keep Thrifty - better known as my wife, Jaime. Going forward, you can expect to see her writing here about once a month as a great way to change things up and get a different perspective. Today, she’s going to talk about how she used to “suck” at money management and how that’s changed. Take it away, love!

The Saturday Stash: Volume 3

It’s the weekend and that means it’s time for another Saturday Stash! Read on for some of the best articles around the web from the week to help you define your version of freedom and work toward it.

Nothing New Year: Month 9 Update

It’s October and our spending is FALLing! Ok, yeah, that was a terrible joke, but I couldn’t help it :) After a few months of craziness - selling our house, going on a road trip, buying land - we’re finally getting back to a more normal life. Our kids were all in school this month and Jaime and I got a lot done on our respective projects and have started working on some fun things together. Let’s take a look at our spending this month and see how we did in our quest to buy nothing new.