The Power of a Partner in Chasing Your Dreams

Tomorrow is a special day in the Keep Thrifty household - it’s our 9-year wedding anniversary! When we got married, I was so excited to spend the rest of our lives together. Looking back, I didn’t actually grasp the full power of having a partner in my life. Our marriage has had plenty of ups and downs but in the last two years, I feel we’ve really started to figure this whole thing out.

A One Year Mini-Retirement

Our Biggest Experiment Yet

Last year, we set an audacious goal to become debt-free by 2020 by aggressively prepaying our mortgage. Changing paths a bit, we accomplished our goal this month by selling our house and moving into an apartment. While this has been a huge change, it’s just a piece of our even bigger life change - I parted ways with my employer at the end of June. I’m officially unemployed.

Nothing New Year: Month 6 Update

We’re officially halfway through our year-long challenge to buy nothing new! While we’ve had some hiccups, we’re still buying way less new stuff and we’re feeling good about our progress. Our life of craziness continues - over this last weekend, we downsized into our apartment, dropping our living space by a third. On Wednesday, we are due to close on selling our house , which will finally bring us to complete debt freedom.

Minimalist Moving - Benefits and Strategies

Most people wouldn’t put the process of moving from one home to the next very high on their list of favorite activities. For most, it’s an expensive, stressful process that requires weeks of planning. Our family is about to be a part of the millions of people that will move this year, but we’re hoping our minimalist lifestyle provides for a very different experience.

Can Frugality Be Selfish?

As we get closer to the transition from our big house to our small apartment, an unsettling thought crossed my mind. With our current income, we’d be able to comfortably afford renting a bigger, more expensive place. Selling our house and moving into a small, inexpensive apartment is great for us - but what about the other families that can’t afford a bigger place? Did we steal the opportunity from them to live here?