Guest Post: A Hot Cheeto Called Harambe

5 Ideas to Capitalize on a Craze Without Getting Your Fingers Dirty

Greetings my Thrifty compadres! This week we’ve got a guest post from my good friend Adam at Crispy Cabbage. Adam’s a man of many talents - digging deep into ideas, cracking his readers up, and making awesome drawings on college-ruled paper. Today he’s going to do all three for you with a fun post about how he’d capitalize on the success of a gorilla-shaped Cheeto that sold for $100,000.

My Favorite Personal Finance Resources

This week was a big milestone - I turned 35 last week Tuesday. As my birthday present to you all, I thought I could share the personal finance resources that have had the biggest impact on us in our financial journey. It’s a one-stop shop; I hope you find everything here as useful as we have!

How Much is Your Stuff Costing You?

How much stuff is in your house? Your garage? Or, heaven forbid, in a storage unit? It’s a common claim that we never use 80% of what we own. Beyond the nuisance of clutter, I’ve been wondering something recently - how much is all this stuff costing us?

Nothing New Year: Month 1 Update

We kicked off this year with a goal to buy nothing new. Time flies when you’re having fun - January is already over so it’s time to give our first monthly update on how we’re doing in our Nothing New Year Challenge for 2017.

Introducing Retirement Freedom

One of the biggest challenges for people working toward financial freedom is patience. You’ve got all the right systems set up to get you there but there aren’t many victories to celebrate along the way. With that in mind, I’m going to give you one to add to the list.