Minimalist Moving - Benefits and Strategies

Most people wouldn’t put the process of moving from one home to the next very high on their list of favorite activities. For most, it’s an expensive, stressful process that requires weeks of planning. Our family is about to be a part of the millions of people that will move this year, but we’re hoping our minimalist lifestyle provides for a very different experience.

Can Frugality Be Selfish?

As we get closer to the transition from our big house to our small apartment, an unsettling thought crossed my mind. With our current income, we’d be able to comfortably afford renting a bigger, more expensive place. Selling our house and moving into a small, inexpensive apartment is great for us - but what about the other families that can’t afford a bigger place? Did we steal the opportunity from them to live here?

Our Not-So-Thrifty Past

Our life hasn’t always been about minimalism, financial discipline, and living out our dreams. We spent the better part of a decade acting as mindless consumers, wasting money and worse along the way. Shocking? Maybe not. Join me on a walk down memory lane as I expose our not-so-thrifty past.

Nothing New Year: Month 5 Update

It’s been another interesting month in our pursuit of making it through the year without buying anything new. To say that we have a lot going on is an understatement, but we’re still doing our best to keep on-track :)

Rent vs Buy for the FI

(Financially Independent)

As we’ve been speeding toward closing on our house and downsizing into a rental, I’ve been thinking a lot about how we’d make the rent versus buy decision if we were already financially independent. There are lots of great articles in the personal finance world that examine the trade-offs between renting and buying but I haven’t yet stumbled across one that looks at it from the perspective of someone who’s already covering all their expenses from retirement savings accounts. Let’s fix that.