Big Barriers to Living Smaller

This was a big week for our family. We accepted an offer on our 1900 square-foot house and signed a lease to move into an 1166 square-foot apartment! We’ve been planning on downsizing for some time and are excited to finally be there. One of the biggest surprises we had in this process was how hard it is to find smaller places to live in our area, especially as a family of five.

Kids Allowances - Advice from the Experts

As financially-focused parents, we want to ensure that our kids learn the value of money. Our twins recently turned five years old and the topic of allowances is back on my mind. Rather than try to invent everything from scratch, I reached out to the experts on the Rockstar Finance Forums to see how others have made things work in their families.

Nothing New Year: Month 4 Update

We kicked off this year with a goal to buy nothing new. Last month, we made a big decision - to finish up our home updates and put our house on the market. This month, we worked on getting our remodeling done while also celebrating our twins’ birthday. It was a crazy busy month!

Grown-Up Lessons from a Lemonade Stand

Our 6-year-old daughter has been planning the details of her very first lemonade stand for the last week. Today we finally let her loose. I was excited about her entrepreneurial spirit and to see what lessons she’d learn through the experience. Little did I know that I’d be learning plenty of lessons of my own along the way.