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Money and Life Lessons from The Oregon Trail

I’m a proud member of the Oregon Trail Generation, a subset of the Millennials defined by, among other things, a fond memory of the game The Oregon Trail from my time in the computer lab at school. This game wasn’t just great for teaching kids how to use computers though. If you were paying attention, you picked up some awesome lessons about money and real life.

How We Budget: The Four-Branch System

Only one third of Americans use a detailed budget to manage their monthly finances. Just under two-thirds of Americans can’t handle a $500 emergency, essentially living paycheck-to-paycheck. If you don’t budget and/or are living paycheck-to-paycheck, don’t fret. Improving your situation is easier than you think - especially with the right resources.

Your Debt is an Infestation

Let's imagine something, shall we? Imagine you're in your backyard with family or friends. There are small children running around and everyone is enjoying a nice cold beverage. The sun is shining. All of a sudden, a hornet lands on your drink and starts crawling inside.