Living In Half of Our House

We currently live in an 1892-square foot, 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom home in the suburbs. We’re incredibly blessed to be able to afford a home like this and the updates we’ve made based on my wife’s vision have made the space even better. So why have we spent so much of the last few years with half of our house empty or closed off?

Nothing New Year: Month 3 Update

We kicked off this year with a goal to buy nothing new. We’re now through our third month. It’s accountability time and this month is going to be interesting. We spent a ton and made a big strategy shift in our quest to become debt-free.

Guest Post: Dealing with Unsolicited Advice

The last thing you need when you’re trying to maintain a frugal lifestyle is some know-it-all telling you that your lifestyle is crazy. If you’ve ever run into this - or anyone who’s given you unsolicited advice about anything - I’ve got a treat for you this week. Today’s post is from the one and only Mrs. Picky Pincher and she’s got some nuggets on how to manage unsolicited “help”.