Four Devious Marketing Tactics (and How to Defeat Them)

You can hardly open your eyes these days without being bombarded by advertisements. By some estimates, we are exposed to around 3500 advertisements every day. In a world that’s constantly telling you that you need to spend more, the best defense is to understand the tactics marketers use and immunize yourself against them.

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Happy Nothing New Year!

Buying Nothing New in 2017

In 2016, we set a resolution to have a “thrifty” year. This meant being mindful and intentional about where we spent our money and our time. As we kick off 2017, we’re going to stretch ourselves even further and attempt something big: a year of buying nothing new.

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4 Financial No-Noes From Your Grandparents

This week, we’ve got another great guest post; this one from Jacob Merkley at PowerOverLife. Jacob’s going to share some great lessons he learned from his grandparents about what not to do with your finances.

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The Ultimate Refinancing Spreadsheet Calculator

There are lots of online mortgage refinancing calculators for “normal” people. Thrifty rockstars like you and I might feel a bit left out though because most calculators don’t include our particular situations. If you find that’s the case, my “Ultimate Refinancing Calculator” might just be what you’re looking for.

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I'm on a mission to get our family debt-free (including our mortgage) by 2020.

We're getting there through frugality, minimalism, and a whole bunch of awesome spreadsheets.

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