The Saturday Stash: Volume 1

What’s this? A post on Saturday? That’s right thrifty people, Keep Thrifty is expanding! Today marks the start of a new series that I’ll be putting out every Saturday, containing links to my favorite finds from around the web.

Bring Back Your Childhood Dreams

Some people have great clarity of what’s on their bucket list - the things they want to accomplish with their life. But others struggle, not even knowing where to start. If you’re struggling with finding big dreams worth chasing, consider seeking inspiration from a younger version of yourself.

If You're Not a Paying Customer, You're Probably the Product

Why Keep Thrifty is joining Patreon

Through the work of millions of writers and creators, the internet has become the biggest knowledge-sharing repository the world has ever known. But you know that saying - “There’s no such thing as a free lunch?” Our free and open access to information isn’t really free. We’re paying for it every day and it’s time to ask whether our money could be put to better use.

Nothing New Year: Month 8 Update

Happy September! Last month, we went on our family road trip - twelve days in the northeast - and it was awesome. Despite the fact that we spent $3800, we still think that road tripping is the best family vacation on a budget. After we got back from our trip, we worked on getting our kids ready for the school year to start and pondered an unexpected opportunity: an inexpensive piece of land with no deed restrictions came available in a great location in our city. Did we make an offer? Did we buy anything new this month? Read on to find out.

The Ultimate Guide to an Epic Frugal Road Trip

We’re back from our 12-day road trip of the Northeastern US. Over the years, we’ve come to believe that the road trip is the best frugal way to travel as a family. Let’s look at how we make our trips memorable (and manageable). Get ready for an adventure as we explore the Keep Thrifty guide to the best family vacation on a budget: the road trip.