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We offer a variety of services to help you with your business or brand. See below for a few examples of what we bring to the table.

Freelance Writing

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Jaime and Chris are both available for freelance writing opportunities.

Jaime specializes in storytelling, finding the heart and emotion in any situation. Whether you’re looking to share how your product helped your customers or partner with a ghost-writer for your memoirs, Jaime would love to learn your story and help you share it with others.

Here are some examples of her work:

Chris specializes in providing unique perspectives on how to view money and life. Whether this is a new way to calculate your financial progress or a lesson on why money isn’t the real goal, Chris would love to inspire your readers to live a better life.

Here are some examples of his work:

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Calculators for Your Website

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Do you have a concept for your website that’s best explained with an accompanying calculator? Using plugins and other tools to create your own can be a challenge and what happens when something goes wrong?

Chris is a math nerd, spreadsheet fanatic, and software developer. He’d love to turn your concept into an easy-to-use tool for your viewers. Chris has experience building calculators for multiple web platforms including Wordpress and Jekyll.

Here are some examples of his work:

He got his start developing calculators here on Keep Thrifty:

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Team of hands together

We provide sponsored articles as a part of our Freedom Story series, with a particular format. Sponsored articles must highlight a success story of one of your users in how your product or service helped them achieve a dream.

Our first step is to determine if your product or service is a good fit for our readers. If we believe it could help them achieve their goals, then we’ll move forward.

Submissions can either be written by someone from your team or Jaime can work with your user directly to form the freedom story herself.

These articles include a nofollow link to your product or service. The article will be promoted in our email list and social media channels along with our other content.

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