It’s the weekend and that means it’s time for another Saturday Stash! Read on for some of the best articles around the web from the week to help you define your version of freedom and work toward it.

The Saturday Stash is round-up of my favorite finds from the week that I think you might enjoy. The topics will usually be money, minimalism, mini-retirements, and lifestyle design, but anything is fair game.

Check them out, show their authors some love, and keep thrifty!

How to Be Frugal With Your Time, Not Just Your Money

My definition of thrifty is “using money and other resources carefully toward one’s most important dreams and values”. In particular, those other resources are your time and your attention.

The Frugalwoods are well known for being frugal (or in my definition, thrifty) with their money but this week they covered another of those precious resources.

Read the Frugalwoods advice on how to be frugal with your time, not just your money.

Are You Developing Your Financial Muscles?

I love a good analogy, so I’m excited to share this one from Ty at Get Rich Quickish - a guest post from Actuary on Fire.

In it, the actuary explains why pull-ups are the physical equivalent of the pursuit of financial independence. Not sure how? Check out his take on why you should pull yourself up financially and physically.

What Would You Do If You Lost Your Wedding Ring Diamond?

We have our own story about my wife’s ring (you know, the one where she sold it), and I really recommend you check this one from Love Liberty Shelter out.

It’s a story of losing the stone from her wedding ring - a family heirloom. You never know how you’re going to react until something like this happens to you and her reaction may surprise you. Check out her account of the lost diamond.

How Much Time Is Your Stuff Worth?

Over the course of 20 years, you spend 40,000 of work to pay your bills and ultimately, to acquire stuff (both physical things and experiences). When you look back, are your things and experiences worth those 40,000 hours?

Carl Richards, writer at the New York Times, dives deeper with the question: Is the stuff you buy over 20 years worth 40,000 hours of time?.

Your Turn

There you have it - my best finds from the week. What great articles have you come across? Feel free to share in the comments below!