It’s Saturday and you know what that means - morning cartoons and donuts! Wait, no - it’s time for the Saturday Stash!

The Saturday Stash is round-up of my favorite finds from the week that I think you might enjoy. The topics will usually be money, minimalism, mini-retirements, and lifestyle design, but anything is fair game.

Check them out, show their authors some love, and keep thrifty!

If it’s not a Hell Yeah, then it’s a Hell No

I first heard of this concept from Derek Sivers on the Tim Ferriss podcast and was delighted to get an awesome reminder from Farmhouse Finance this week.

Whether it’s business opportunities or invitations to social events, it’s a great mentality to apply: If it’s not a hell yeah then it’s a hell no.

If you’re looking at the week ahead and find yourself dreading some of the things on your calendar, it’s worth asking whether those things are there because you have to do them, or because you were too afraid to say no.

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Ten unusual signs you’re kicking butt financially

We all know the obvious signs that you’re kicking financial butt - shrinking debt, rising investment accounts, yadda yadda yadda.

But if you want to learn the unusual signs that you’re kicking financial butt, you need to seek out a master of the unusual. The good news is I can introduce you to him - it’s my good friend Mr. Groovy from Freedom Is Groovy.

The thing that struck me about the list is how eerily accurate it was for me. I’m in on all ten - hopefully that means I’m getting my black belt in financial ultimate fighting :)

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Don’t brag about success; tell me your failures

In the glamorous world of Facebook and Instagram, it seems like all the news is bad and all the personal stories are good. Everyone posts their best smile or the pictures of their most perfect afternoon. We read all the success stories. But we don’t seem to spend enough time writing about our failures.

But there’s an irony here - those failures are what teach us to be successful. Without them, we’d have something much worse than few temporary failures - we’d be permanently stuck, never succeeding.

Steve from Think Save Retire dives in deep this week on some of his own failures and how they led him to the awesome early-retired life he lives today.

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Minimalism is hard sometimes

You know what I love? Articles that talk about how hard it can be to follow your own path. Living outside the norm can be a challenge - we know because, well, we’re a bit weird. We sleep on the floor for goodness sake!

Britt from Tiny Ambitions wrote a great piece this week about the challenges of being a minimalist and how it affects those around you. It can definitely be hard, but it’s worth the fight to live out your values!

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Why I gave up a 6-figure salary to blog for a year

The last one this week comes from a truly awesome site (Millennial Money Man) and a borderline competent guest poster (yours truly).

That’s right - I was fortunate enough to get to write a post for M$M this week - it’s an honor having a post on a site that I really respect.

The article has gotten some great reception so far and a lot of great discussion in the comments section. Be sure to check it out!

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